After finally working my way of running 8+ miles at a solid pace, I hurt myself.

View from the Camden side of Philly.

View from the Camden side of Philly.

I had been leading up to longer runs for about 2 weeks straight and then on a run I tried to max out a half mile about 6 miles into a workout.  I ran a 2:33 but I could tell that my lower Achilles felt off.  I slow jogged home and by that night I knew I was going to need some time off.

I didn’t run for the next week and now I’m sitting here two weeks later trying to get back to where I was.  I’m not quite there but getting close.  My theory is that after 1 week of taking off from running, you lose 2 weeks of training (I’m sure I picked this up from somewhere but we’ll just call it my theory).   I notice that I feel slower, fatter, and my endurance is noticeably worse as I breath heavier running slower.  So it goes.


They look like this.

I ended up purchasing a new pair of shoes called the Altra Torin 2.0.  I went out for a run today over the Ben Franklin bridge and decided to time trial myself across. If the bridge is 1.5 miles long, I ran it today in 8:08 which was about 5.23 pace.  It’s obviously not an exact time but I’m getting back to where I was.

It sucks having to come back from injury because you always start weaker and slower.  It’s a slow trudge back but always worth it in the end.