Every so often I’ll get about 5 smaller ideas that don’t round themselves out to full posts so I’ll just combine them into a simple, bullet point list of splat.

  • robkellyeaglesI had some back and forth with Sam on Friday night that deserves some clarification.  I was hanging with Brookes and Laura when Sam told me he was going to Howl at the Moon.  I was there on Wednesday and basically blacked out and had no intention of going.  Plus the line to that place gets absurd at 11pm and the idea of sitting through that, mostly sober, to get into a place with mostly drunk people wasn’t appealing.  At 12:30 or so, Sam gave my phone a call, I was just about ready for bed and didn’t pick up.  A 2nd phone call from a member of his group called and I didn’t pick that up either.  It’s nothing personal, I just didn’t want to hear drunk ramblings of how I should be out and about.  This is old man shit but I actually wanted to wake up in the morning before noon and not feel like a piece of shit.  Funny how that changes as you get older.
  • naked-juiceDrinking Naked Juice makes you take a shit.  I don’t eat enough fruits and vegetables so I see these juices at Wawa for 2 for $5 and think “why not”.  My instinct is that if they are expensive, they must be good for you.  After drinking a few, I’m pretty sure they are so high in nutrients that they are too much and then overload your system and it makes you take a shit.  They aren’t normal shits either. It’s like one minute your enjoying the game and next minute you have to run to bathroom.
  • Grumpy-CatSam made a comment that said “good post” on my Chris Farley post.  I always like a comment but I need a little more (claps to actually commenting though)  Here are my actual thoughts on that post.  I essentially combined as many facts and comments about Chris Farley as I could in one post.  I highlighted videos that were on point and gave insight into what his life was like.  The writing wasn’t beating around the bush and presented info straight up.  I know I’m not the best writer but if I had an editor to improve my writing, that was as good as or better than 95% of the posts that grace the internet.  Most likely 21 people will read it.  This is what makes is difficult to get better feedback.