DraftKings is advertising like madmen throughout all forms of media.  I saw them on Super High Roller Celebrity Poker, they are one of the main sponsors of the PGA, and also inked a huge deal with ESPN.  Obviously if it involves gambling and sports, I’m there.  It’s a shame because I was on the Fanduel bandwagon for a while but they are getting out dueled.

On to the golf.  I put a team together for Draftkings that looks like this.




David Lingmerth

Obviously I wouldn’t be showing it if it weren’t doing well. I’m currently in 1,154th place out of 188,925. David Lingmerth was the pick of my life so far so we’ll see if he keeps it going. I also bet on Louie and Brookes Koepka straight up. Those don’t look as favorable.

If all 6 of my guys make the cut, it’s going to be a weekend.