makemoneybloggingSam and I both had posts today which I’d consider poor.  Mine was a cut and paste from Reddit and his was a part 2 to a post which probably didn’t need a part 1.  Why does this happen?

Simply put, living a life and blogging are two separate activities.  How long do you think it takes to create a post with original content that people want to read?  My feeling is that a minimum 1 hour needs to be spent on a post that generates any interest.  Better posts can run 2-3.

blogging_monkeysWhen I arrive on Monday morning and haven’t posted since Friday, I scramble to post any content whatsoever.  The only other possible post I could write would be a write up of my weekend which I pretty much hate doing because I’ve done it so many times.  This is what I could have posted instead of the Reddit / Trump post.

  • I left work at 2pm on Friday to go golfing.  I shot a 96.  Adam and Bud shot 80, 97 respectively.
  • Friday night I lost $250 playing poker after starting with $400, dropping to $150, up to $750, then played a $1,200 pot when my 88 lost to 55 on a 55K 8 ( I didn’t even see the river) board.
  • After 4 hours of sleep I played kickball from 9am until 5pm on Saturday.  We played 5 games and lost in the semi finals.
  • My entire body hurt (and still does) on Sunday and I decided to play golf.  I shot a wretched 97 while the rest of my group made me look like a tard.
  • I watched True Detective and a bunch of other shows before I fell asleep.

There is no time for blogging.  What I did wasn’t that exciting. A cut and paste from Reddit is all I could muster up or else I probably wouldn’t have posted until Tuesday night.