Donald is a polarizing figure that is good for the election.  Here are the most popular reasons for why to vote for Donald (taken from Reddit).

  • alg-donald-trump-jpgI’m seriously thinking about voting for trump, and here is why. I firmly believe that our system of government is deeply flawed, if not completely broken. Yet we still keep voting for the same type of people. If trump wins, there’s a good chance the whole thing will collapse from his absurdity. Then maybe we could start over and build something better that works. A vote for trump is a vote for full system breakdown, which I believe is exactly what we need.
  • He’s an asshole, but at least he’s honest, and isn’t really into bullshitting people. Besides, I don’t want a third Bush or a second Clinton in office anyway. The Presidency is not a hereditary monarchy.
  • I like him because he exposes the giant fucking joke that politics is, and everyone hates him for that.
    The primaries are finally interesting for once because guys like Trump and Paul have views that aren’t 100% in line with the 3×5 card of acceptable opinion that the rest of them read their lines from.
  • trumphairWhen Oppenheimer developed the atomic bomb and was asked if it should be used, he said that it had to be used so that everybody knows why it should never be used again. Donald Trump could end the Republican Party as we know it. It would begin a new era of non-proliferation.
  • He isn’t a pandering politician. He is relatively centrist and populist. He has a long track record without any damaging scandals. He seems more than the others to be genuinely interested in being a good leader for the country, rather than only for his base (as he doesn’t really have a base to pander to.)
    In short, the rest of the field looks slimy and self-serving. Trump has proven successful enough at serving himself that he comes off as credibly genuine and not like he’s running to make more money or get more recognition or power. He is less easily corruptible than a politician looking to trade favors and pander for votes.  And the media reaction to him only serves to make the media look like corrupt establishment boot lickers seeking to control the narrative and the political process entirely.   I guess it takes power to speak truth to power, sometimes.