So I received my “new” (refurbished) phone today and got everything set up with email and all the likes but I believe that I didn’t have my contacts saved to my sim card but rather to the phones hard drive? Meaning I swapped the sim card and it still isn’t picking up my contacts so I’m going to try to get the contacts off my old phone through my computer but most likely that will not work. Essentially I don’t have your number and if you ever want any contact from me, you should either call me or text me who it is. Over time I will accumulate numbers and it’s not like this is the end of the world. Also if you read this and know why I’m not able to pick up numbers from the sim card or how I have to transfer them over, any info is useful. I also lost you as a bbm contact. I should have a pretty lengthy post tonight and I always feel bad writing these essays without any breakups of pics or anything but stay tuned.