As Evan and I were walking past the new Misconduct yesterday it was apparent that they were not open.  Tables, chairs, and barstools were strewn all over.  After witnessing this scene, a light bulb went off in my head which you’ll see from the picture below.  (I have to comment that I shopped this like an idiot.  Instead of making 1 finished table and chairs and copying it 4 times, I copied each component 8 times.  You live, you learn)


Now you’ve seen Silcon Valley and the Optimal Tip to Tip (please watch if you haven’t) and this is utilizing similar principals. The physics haven’t been figured out yet but I’m telling you right now that this is the future.

Just imagine not only talking to the person across from you, but also the person underneath you. The dining atmosphere is electric.

Now of course the naysayers are saying that this can’t be done but stay with me for a moment. Restaurants are always trying to utilize as much space as possible and they completely forget about the ceiling. But what about “gravity”, duh? You’ve heard people use the terminology “but what if it were in a vacuum” and no one ever understands what this means but they just nod their heads accordingly. It’s that.