Yesterday I removed myself from the Periscope world and actually experienced the real world.  It was the first time I’ve done Sips in about a month.  At around 4pm my phone started getting some requests of what was going on and a plan sprung into action.

topoftowerI met up with Evan & Laura at the Comcast Center.  Julia was also there and then Adam and Amy showed up as well.  We shot the shit for a while then met up with Big Steve at the “top of the tower” which I’ve never been to.  You go up 51 levels and then wait in a line to go outside which led to a roof deck where I shot the picture you see of the ants at the Comcast Center.

After that we went to the Wrap Shack which was serving $5 Mad Elf which is the steal of a century.  We were joined by a few other people and called it a night around 9pm.  This was a far superior plan when compared to partying until 1am on a Wednesday night.  I woke up slightly less than 100% but feel fine now.

JamesTaylorThere were many periscoping opportunities but the blacked out hot girl whipping and Nae Nae’ing all over the place would have received the most.  While were on the Periscope topic, I can’t stand someone who would stand there and periscope James Taylor from the front row.  Is this person actually watching Sweet Baby James through the phone?  This has to stop.