I’ve been getting better at seeing which feeds are worth watching (look for the amount of people in them and well written descriptions) and have been finding better content.  Here are a few highlights from my investigation.

Periscope Screenshots

Here were firemen rescuing a human from a car that went head on into another.
Car Crash

Here was live footage from a bball game played in “the cage” which is in New York. This game was intense. Full court press, refs calling fouls every play, and the crowd screaming profanities non-stop.
The Cage in Brooklyn

This kid was going to get hit with a stick if the Periscope group got to 60. I left before it did because he was hiding under a pillow which sort of ruined the challenge.
Kid Gets Hit With Stick

This was the sunset in Brooklyn, NY.
Brooklyn Sunset

I don’t think I’ve ever been in a Hispanic house but this is kind of how I pictured it. Fat kid running around with no clothes. Big screen TV from 1990 that must weight 2,000 pounds. Organized but tons of trinkets.
Fat Hispanic Kid

This was an actual play being shown. I didn’t stay long.

This was a lightning storm in Arizona. I couldn’t capture the actual lightning with a screenshot but it was still pretty cool.
Lightning Storm in Arizona