RandomhookoupJust a few minutes ago I watched a couple making out on a bench while their friends sang a song behind them.  The guy went for 2nd base and an ass grab and the camera turned.  I felt dirty.  This is just the beginning because live footage is the best footage.


What is Periscope?

periscope-logo-1920-800x450A month ago I was introduced to Periscope and learned that it is a live feed that is shown to your followers who are tuned in (think a television channel).  Periscope is owned by Twitter which makes for simple integration if you have a twitter account.  It was released on March 26th for IOS and May 26th for Android.  It is “the future of the internet”.  Feeds are broadcasted from all over the world and you give “hearts” by tapping the screen.  The most popular feeds make the front page.


How is it used?

Random strangers let you into their life while they idiotically answer questions that are posed to them through chat.  I’m of course being a bit whimsical in this description because it is far more powerful for people who know what they are doing.  A great feature of Periscope is you never know what is coming next.  Here are some examples of people I witnessed today.

This is Bree Olson.  I’ve never seen a video of her without a penis in her mouth.  Today she was at Cedar Point riding a roller coaster.  There were over 2,000 people watching her stand in line.  I repeat, watching her stand in line.


This was a guy from England who would take requests for songs and play them as they came reeling in.  Once the feed got to have hundreds of people, the comments kept on flying in and he was getting exhausted going from one song to the next.



This is a surfer in Austraila.  I have no idea how he is getting a connection out in the ocean but still cool to witness.


This is a girl who I assumed was just being hot but was actually a pornstar.  She is easily the smartest person using Periscope that I saw.  Her title was “getting ready for a night out” and this was her preview.  Let’s just say that she had thousands of people interested in her every move.



My Thoughts After Use

  • It’s hard to find interesting feeds.  Only 15% are from the US and people speaking other languages is pretty lame.
  • Most people suck.  This is extremely sad but unless you are good looking, people are not going to pay attention to you unless you are doing a worthwhile activity.
  • Foreigners seem to think that the word “open” is the same as “show”.  For example, open boobs.
  • The Live nature of the feed is incredible.  It is bringing in an element that is so powerful that I don’t even think words can describe it.  I bought more TWTR shares yesterday.
  • You NEED a Wi-Fi connection to run this and it will murder your battery.
Found this in 2 seconds.

Found this in 2 seconds.

In this last line I want to explain how incredible this app is.  This app is going to shut down the news because civilians are going to be there first.  Sports games (not just professional) will be shared by all your friends LIVE.  Girlfriends are going to break up with their boyfriends using Periscope (I watched this happen today).  This app is a game changer until it gets regulated because there will be too many perverts creeping and amateur porn being shown. Lord only knows when a murder will happen on a live feed.  Scary shit.