Dock Side Pizza

It’s not often, although becoming more so, that I don’t go out on a Saturday night.  However, yesterday was my mom’s birthday and we went out for a lunch at the Dock Side Brewing Company in West Philly.  We had a few beers at lunch and then I watched the USA – Cuba Concacaf match with Brookes and Laura.  I probably had about 8 beers on the day and wasn’t drunk as much as I was tired.  I went home, had a sleep (FoTC), and when I woke up it was 8:30.  I could have had a few more beers with friends but just decided to call it a night.

I woke up today at 7am Sunday and started watching the Open and realized that I have the entire day ahead of me.  Normally I go to sleep at 2am and don’t wake until 12pm.  Today it’s like I have 5 hours that I much prefer over the 10pm – 2 am hours.  These are what I’d like to call productivity hours.

When’s the last time I wrote a Sunday blog post at 7:47 am?  It just doesn’t happen.  Plus I’m feeling good and will go for a run, play some golf, go swimming, and watch some golf all in a day’s work.  Combine that with the idea that I’ll feel like a normal person on a Monday and it all comes together.