To achieve perfection should be an impossibility. I don’t mean in any one event but to develop yourself into as perfect of a human being as you can be. I used to think the goal of life was to be happy but as the days wear on, I believe the art of perfection is what people should strive for. If everyone does, our country will have a chance to dig itself out of this awful state we are in. What irks me the most is that the people who put forth the effort and work hard, end up carrying the poor and the lazy.

What do I mean by perfection? First of all, everyone’s level of perfection is different because we all don’t have the same abilities. However, attempting to attain the goal of being the best you can be (my definition of perfection) should supersede anything else. For example, if you are fat it’s probably because you are lazy. So even though you are helping our economy by spending more on food, you drag us down by being less productive. If you smoke cigarettes not only are you a drag because you have no endurance but you are contributing to corporate greed because you are weak willed and succumb to addiction. Alcohol drinking specifically brings me down because it takes my cash and makes me do stupid things that cost me more cash and also turns me into an unproductive mess.

Another example I have to define my point will involve Ck4 and his driving. He’s fearful of driving because there is (life?) risk involved and therefore avoids it as much as possible. This is an awful attitude to have because it shows that he has no confidence in his own abilities and has pretty much given up on trying to do a better job. Just a quick story on his driving that I witnessed first hand. We were going to make a right into CVS and there was a biker to the right on the same path next to us. Ck4 gets this brilliant idea to cut him off and make the turn in front of him, so he guns the gas and he chickens out on the turn and slams on the breaks so that we now are stopped 5 feet past the entrance and the biker is wondering what the fuck is this clown doing. My point is that yes, he is an awful driver but rather than say “I’m going to get better at this,” CK4 just accepts the fact that he’ll never be a good driver. That is the problem and why my idea of perfection should be what everyone strives for. It’s not to be perfect, but rather to do your best at any and everything.

I feel like this post has a hitleresque theme to it by trying to create the perfect person but more just mean it to not sell yourself short and know that you can be a better person if you want with just some effort. Believe me, I’m far from perfect and could improve in so many areas that I don’t have enough time to list all my faults. Like JKash says “you’re not good at things.” Also understand that this is a blog and I can take stances that I might not exactly agree with but will anyhow for the sake of the theme.