Thank Evan for this pic of Chops from the Comcast Center

Thank Evan for this pic of Chops from the Comcast Center

Ahhh Wednesday. How you’ve come to ruin my life. If you’ve never heard of CC Sips, it’s a city wide “event” where Center City bars give “specials” from 5-7 on Wednesday’s. It essentially turns Wednesday into a weekend night and I’ve been feeling the brunt of it for the last 3 weeks.

Most people don’t get caught up in Sips like I do. They drink between 5-7 and then go home and sober up for the next day. Evan and I have been going hard through Sips and then ending at Howl at the Moon until 11. This causes me to stumble home and pass out without brushing my teeth and in the clothes I wore from the night before. As you can guess, Thursday’s are like death.

drunkI’ve wrote about the effects of alcohol many times and to put it simply, drinking alcohol to excess makes your brain stop processing information as effectively the next day. You can’t think. Simultaneous thoughts disintegrate into nothingness. My theory is that this is caused by severe dehydration. This makes work unbearable and counter productive. It is a major malfunction.

Which brings me to today and why I’m even posting this. Another Wednesday is occurring and how I’m at work is night and day compared to how I felt last Thursday. I take orders over the phone (while actually enjoying the exchange and focusing on the customer’s needs and increasing the sale), remember items that need to be re-ordered, clean up and organize my work space, and fire off emails with ease. Problem solving is a breeze. Sips is preventing my effectiveness.

productivity1Tonight I will be going to the Phillies game and not participating in Sips which is a plus. The normal question to ask is, “why don’t you not drink so much as Sips.” Why the hell would I even go then? This answer is the source of being a binge drinking alcoholic. Once I get 5 beers in me, my brain shuts off any previous thoughts like “I’m not going to get hammered tonight”.

Just imagine if I was effective for 7 days a week. I might be able to solve cancer. Sips just added a disaster to my week. Who’s coming next week?