Rovio –  The makers of Angry Birds, the most downloaded mobile game ever, today announced a partnership with The LEGO Group to develop a line of construction toys.

legoangrybirdsNow this is a billion dollar idea.  A grape, not a raisin.  I have no idea if they will create this the way that I envision it in my mind but I’ll give you a run down.

  • Birds are not legos.  They are essentially marble sized projectiles that will get sling shot into a structure.
  • Structures are built in simple, bigger lego form.  Since they are going to be knocked down, you can’t be spending hours building a fortress that comes down in one shot.
  • Pigs are placed in various areas of the structure and once crushed, they explode.



Will It Be Made This Way?

Dynamic-Lego-Angry-Birds-3D-puzzle-9No it won’t.  There is too much risk of the game spiraling out of control and the kids using the sling shots as weapons.  Most likely the birds will be made out of pillows and the structures out of feathers.   The pic to the right looks boring as shit.  I don’t want to build a projectile I’m going to shoot.  I want my projectile to be fast and punishing.  I want to spend time destroying and not building.  Maybe the kids could wear goggles when playing.  This game has potential.