Hilarious this is Barstool's picture

Hilarious this is Barstool’s picture but this is exactly what it looks like at the Comcast Center

Last night was the first night of Center City Sips.  Sips PROCLAIMS that bars participate and offer specials between the hours of 5-7.  Some do and some don’t.  However, these short-lived 2 hours are a major deal to girls who get more dolled up than if they were going to prom.

I’m a moron for not taking a picture of the Comcast Center and the crowd it draws at 5pm.  The line to get in is about 50 people deep and drink lines are just as bad. My own picture would add to this post immensely and instead I’m just a worse writer who puts in far more effort than Gourlay.  Either way, Sips is an event that is worth participating in if you never have.

There is one downside though and that it’s an expensive Wednesday night any way you slice it.  Here are my exact expenditures.

  • $12 cab from my house
  • $8 on 2 Bud Heavys ($3+ $1 each tip)
  • $20 dinner at Marathon ($5 Whiskey – Tea drink + $12 Sampler + Tip)
  • $20 @ Vesper (2 Avery IPA’s for $7 ea and I threw in $20 because it was a group tab)
  • $26 @ Howl at the Moon (3 Perpetual IPA’s.  Each one is $7.  I tipped $1 to the bro bartender, $1 to this hot girl and then $3 to the same hot girl).
  • $15 cab back to my house where another cab driver told me a sob story how he doesn’t make enough money.

Total – $101 on a Wednesday night where I didn’t even get black out drunk.  Welcome to Center City Sips

Shout out to Mugsey and Evan who hung out until 11pm like old people do.  I also will share a drunk text that I wouldn’t share to anybody when I’m sober.


Aaron Dodgers going late this year in the draft.  Disappointing I know.  I also think it’s hysterical when people take screenshots of their phone when there is 2% and someone comments that it’s comparable to Kramer and gas.  I have no idea what the Northwest corner is.

I’ll also share a funny story if you managed to read this far. JC just asked me if the font on “the blog” is the way it’s supposed to be (I honestly had 0 idea what he was talking about as the font looked like the font to me). I said, “That’s the home page”. He said, “Whatever it is.” I said, “I wouldn’t call the phone the stapler.”