I apologize for the slow posting but I have about 4 posts in drafts right now that I’m not sitting down and doing.  I’ve decided that I’m going to try to do more research before posting and up the level of quality for my posts.  Usually it’s whatever pops in my head but since that only works so well, I know I need to do more.

mongolsThe biker gang violence in Texas for some reason fascinates me.  I bought Hunter S. Thompson’s book about Biker Gangs in the late 60’s and started reading it.  I  intend to finish that, which will take a few days, and then write a post on biker gangs in their current state with the latest investigation headlining it.  Anyone else think the bar being called Twin Peaks is awesome?

Another post in the pipeline is to have a recap on # of viewers of season finale’s.  This became a light bulb for me after reviewing the numbers of the finale of Mad Men when compared to others.  The point I’d focus on is why the quality of later seasons tend to dip (seeing it big time in GoT this season) and how that affects viewers.

75421eacfaab9a264ada311e69a0d9aeI also want to write a post on the decline of baseball as a whole and why youth (7-17) baseball participants has dropped from 8.8 million to 5.3 in 15 years.  There was an article in the WSJ that I read today that had a lot of good points but I think I could expand further for the decline and give reasons on how to swing it back.

As you can tell, these posts aren’t usually sit down for 30 minutes and write a post.  I actually have the time to write but I’ve just been occupying it with more mindless activities like watching Mercury Rising, the Iverson doc on Showtime, Montage of Heck on HBO, and also Playoff Bball.   So stick with the site.  I’ll spend some time tonight and then tomorrow morning before I’m away for the weekend to get some material up.