Ronnie Weight LossI’m not sure if there stories are a time a dozen (I’d imagine they aren’t) but Ronnie was told he wouldn’t make it to age 35 at his current 600lb wait unless he changed his lifestyle dramatically. The video documents his 700 day journey of getting back in shape “the old fashioned way”.  He also is a huge Taylor Swift fan.

This to me is personally uplifting because this is what hard work looks like.  No BS diet (I’m sure he did alter this though). No lipo suction. Just hard work. My gut feeling is other people just complain that they are out of shape and that it’s beyond their control for why they don’t look the way they want. If a guy who is 600 lbs and can’t do anything more than use a hand bike, there are no excuses. Well done Ronnie. Yeah BUDDY!