Your site isn’t getting traffic because your content isn’t important or useful enough. It’s that simple. You’re not raising the bar, helping people, entertaining them, changing lives, and inspiring your readers to take some form of action. If you were, your audience would grow. Trust me.

blog-traffic-downI must have upset Google because my traffic is low.  After getting 800 people from a Reddit link, I’ve been punished and logged 131 people yesterday.  Considering I think the blog is at an all-time high, this is disturbing.  I pretty much always think the blog is at an all-time high by the way.

This post however isn’t going to be an all-time high post.  This is a “my brain isn’t working 100% and I’m not able to produce a great post so you’re going to get my shitty weekend report.”

On Saturday the Stortz clan met up with my mom for some brunch and to celebrate Mother’s day.  Laura liked a place called Kanella’s where I had some salmon infused eggs which were interesting.  We walked around Rittenhouse for a little after to check out the art and parted ways.  I then met up with Gourlay and crew at Frankfurt Hall for a few hours.  I made a mistake and didn’t eat after the brunch and after 3 tall beers at Frankfurt Hall I was toast.  My younger self would have continued getting plastered but I went home and passed out at 9pm.  Life is tough at 31.

hole7ravensclawShee, Jeff, Mike, and I played golf yesterday at Raven’s Claw.  My scorecard had me shooting a 91 and edging out Jeff and Adam by a stroke.  Jeff’s scorecard had something completely different.  It was a fun time though and the only part I’ll remember is chipping in from 20 yards to save a 9 on a par 5.

I didn’t exercise once over the last 3 days and feel like a piece of shit.  I should be back on track by tomorrow.