I was cleaning my room last night and noticed the top of my dresser was filled with trinkets or objects that don’t ever get thrown out. Here was what they looked like.
Nostalgic Counter Top

  • Far left is a picture of Evan, Justin K, Celeste, and myself from December 5th, 2013.  Why do I still keep this?  I honestly have no idea where else to put it that’s not the trash can.  Apparently this photo op drew the fine line of being important enough to me not to throw out.
  • A pin the says “it’s my fucking birthday” was given to me almost 18 months ago.  Lauren McGrath made it (or bought it) and it was cool enough for me to not throw out.  I didn’t wear it once.
  • Above that is about 20 bucks worth of casino chips to Valley Forge, Sugar House, and a few AC casinos.  A voucher for $1.60 is also present.
  • There are 4 coins which hold some type of currency but they aren’t a penny, nickel, dime, quarter, so I have no idea what to do with them.  The far right is a $1 and the one to the left is $.50.
  • Below the coins is a gift card for $50 to a Steven Starr restaurant.  I just don’t use gift cards.  I used JKash’s $50 dollar Express gift card to by a 3 months subscription to Brazzers.
  • The far right are 2 wedding invitations that are upcoming.  I keep these so I don’t forget to go.