A group of lions is called a pride for a reason.  I'm purely guessing it's this.

A group of lions is called a pride for a reason. I’m purely guessing it’s this.

It’s written that posts should be aimed at the reader but I’m going to spin this around and write about myself because I can.  It’s my blog.  Your just on this ride.  So sit tight.  Buckle up.  Enjoy the ride.

What is being fulfilled?  It’s satisfaction or happiness as a result of fully developing one’s abilities or character.    I’ve recently encountered this 2 times within the last 12 hours which I’ll write about.


Real Life  Part 1

I say, “this is how much money you’ll make.”

About a month ago I walked into a paint store in Baltimore and asked to speak to the store manager.  I was told to talk to Chris and introduced myself as Tom Stortz.  I said, “I have a line of paint scrapers that I think would sell well in your area.”  I showed him our sell sheet, a sample, and discussed pricing within the first 2 minutes.

After listening to me, he pulled out a Stortz 150-A (not a paint scraper) and said, “I was cleaning out my attic and came across this tool.”  This was a relic from our line that we are actually still producing.  He told me he’d give me a shot and purchased a few dozen scrapers.  I was happy.

XJrIfThe story doesn’t end there though.  Today he re-ordered.  Within one month he purchased 3 dozen more scrapers and a smile came over my face.  Everyone involved in the transaction is happy.  I’m happy because I’m selling a quality product at a profit.  He’s happy because he’s making a profit and his customer is equally happy because he is buying a quality tool at a good price.  Trifecta.


Real Life Part 2

gapinskiMy second instance came when Mark Gapinski commented on my blog.  I’d recently went through a incompatibility issue that messed up some blog settings.  I spent a few hours researching and then came back improved over where I was at.  I installed a JetPack widget that enabled the Twitter widget again and a few more settings to auto post my entries on Twitter and Facebook.

I wrote a post today, it appeared on Twitter, Mark clicked the link and then commented on the post.  I’ve probably met Mark 12 times in my life and we know each other through Sam.  My point is that we’re not best friends and he went out of his way to comment on a post.  Believe it or not that actually means a lot to me.  It essentially takes Mark from one of Sam’s friends to a person who if he was ever in dire need, I’d help him out if he needed help.  I know it’s silly but getting interaction through my posts fulfills me.

This has nothing to do with this post, I just felt like sharing.

This has nothing to do with this post, I just felt like sharing.

Everyone feels fulfilled from different activities at different points of their life.  Sometimes it feels like I can go weeks without feeling these types of feelings but they do come if you work hard at them.  I believe these two tales are tales of hard work and seeing it paid off.  That is feeling fulfilled.