So I ended up winning the old man’s age division, 25-29, with a time of 17:55 or so. I think I was about 21st for the race out of 700. This was another example of not being as good as I once was. Both my times from last year in the Broad St and this race were both faster last year. This one I chalk up to lack of training and not running as good of a race as I could have. I felt pretty strong finishing it, I just didn’t want to die throughout the race so I might have held back a bit. Nonetheless I wasn’t beating Sam who was low 17:00’s. The days of being able to compete with top high school and college athletes are over and I’ll never see them again. Enough running talk although I’m doing a 10k at Belmont Plateau on Sunday so I only have a few days to prepare for what I hear is a really tough course. Throw in some military obstacles and I can hardly contain my enthusiasm. This will probably be a non-drinking weekend so that’s probably a good thing.

I’ve paid off all my dental crap so I’m happily in the clear and restarting from today’s date. I’ve invested some money in stocks like RIMM and Teva and I’m thinking about buying some GS and GE. I don’t have much faith in our financial system but I’m hoping strong companies will prevail through tough times. From what I read it seems like we are going to be in for some slow growth up ahead and I’m pretty sure no one knows for sure what is going to happen. I’m still on the SIRI bandwagon as I’m sure you want to know. Enough finance talk as I’m sure this is just as boring as the running talk.

I want to express my growing appeal for the text message. I like the text because it’s very impersonal and I don’t feel any need to respond to it. When someone calls me, I immediately think “what is this pressing issue that this person wants to discuss with me.” It’s funny because when I see I have a missed call I get agitated that I have to call the person back. When I see a text it’s exciting because I can look at it and not have to do anything about it. That growing bbm signal next to the text is a sign of hope for future plans. Plus it gives me time to think about how I want to respond without being put on the spot. My only problem with the phone is lulls in the conversation and this need to be talking all the time. There’s no breaks and I always feel like I’m forcing a goodbye when I don’t want to talk any longer or the convo is going nowhere. The BBM is fine too but you are limited to the people who are part of your contacts so there is no shock value as to who is contacting you. I use the phone all the time at work so it’s not like I’m inept but sometimes I’m just not in the mood to talk, whereas I feel no pressure from texts. I like emails too but I’m amazed at how many people don’t get their emails to their phone. This is so elementary but I don’t think some people have the same level of commitment to emails as others. My dad for instance has a personal company email and doesn’t bother to check it so I do it for the both of us. If you really have to call me, don’t hesitate because you read this post. I have to write about something.