This post came to me while I was choosing a t-shirt to wear yesterday. Normally I don’t think too much about what I’m wearing but then it struck me that if you’re famous, people will actually base their opinions on you by what you wear. You have the power to be a trend setter. My main goal of my fashion is for no one to think about my fashion. Fortunately no one does. This post is dedicated to those people who understand (or don’t) fashion.

Fashion is not a big deal…
Kim K and Selena

The 1600’s cloak was pretty legit.

The 1700’s were pretty formal by my standards.

1900’s Men were getting it together
1900's Male Fashion

The 1970’s brought into play the hip.

And the unhip. Is that a bag?

The 80’s not so much.

Lil Kim will forever be remembered for this outfit in 1999. Is that Birdman?
Lil Kim's boob

Gaga’s Princess is, uh, nice.
Lady Gaga

Nicki Minaj’s Little Red Riding Hood

This horse knew he was going to be photographed this day.

Less is more
Female Fashion Trend

It’s called Fashion