Dear Dunkin Donuts (I’ve posted this on their Google Reviews Page),

The line can get very long on mornings and I understand that this causes a rush scenario.  It doesn’t help that employee turnover at your location is high and this creates a list of people who have no idea what they’re doing.  I have one major gripe though that cannot go unnoticed any longer:  My bagel does not get toasted.

The precise amount of toasting.

The precise amount of toasting.

When you ask me what I want and I say a TOASTED sesame seed bagel with cream cheese my expectations of toasted are seeing some noticeable color change on the bagel.  I personally have no problem if the bagel gets toasted up until the point of “burnt”.  I’d even accept a hint of brown as being toasted.  However, you seem to think that “toasted” means “taken for a ride on a conveyor”.  As much as the bagel appreciates going for a ride on a machine before it enters my stomach, this is not doing the job.

dunkin-donutsConsidering I’ve been to other Dunkin establishments, I know this problem is not universal.  I actually think other Dunkin bagels that get toasted are delicious.  In an effort to speed up the line, this franchise has an unacceptable toasting protocol.  This can be rectified by purchasing a new toaster which I believe may be an issue because the dial is actually turned to high.  I’ve probably eaten hundreds of bagels from your establishment over the years so this isn’t a fly by night critique.  If your coffee wasn’t so addicting I probably would never eat there at all.

Your 2.2 rating with 12 reviews on Google is an indication that you are doing a poor job and this is because of the lack of attention to detail.  I personally think you are a solid 3 with room to move to a 4 if you start toasting my bagel.  As a shareholder of the company, I hope this comes with peace and love and not me being an asshole.

Written with subjective criticism,

Thomas Stortz