You Don’t Care

The older I get the more I recognize that you don’t care.  Understand that you isn’t actually you.  When I use “you”, i’m referring to the audience.  When you read “you”, you think of yourself you selfish bastard.  Herein lies the discovery.

Obligatory cat picture.

Obligatory cat picture.

I was at a few meetings over the weekend that involved a group of about 50.  I was in a private conversation with a member of a panel who was presenting in front of the entire group.  He said to me, “there are times when I’m speaking when I ask myself am I interesting enough or am I talking too much?  When I try to answer that question, I realize that the only one asking those questions are myself, no one else really cares what I think.”  Now this person is well respected and although what he says is not entirely true, it did register within me how this world is all YOU driven.


Now this point is taken from my world.  If I were Mark Cuban, I wouldn’t be making this post because people DO care about what he has to say.  He has influence.  For 99.9% of us though, most people we talk to have little to no interest in our life.   This should not come as a shock.   Most people care mostly about themselves.  You see life through your eyes, the person next to you sees it their way.  My actions should be molded to fit this idea.  I start acting to work with your best interests in mind.  Relationships become a two way street.  I know this isn’t a new idea but people don’t understand this.  They go through life with a me attitude.  Me attitudes fail.  Cooperation will prevail.


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