This is a picture of the shampoo and conditioner package that you can buy from Sam’s club.
Suave Shampoo from Sam's


It looks like they are talking to each other:

S: I can’t wait to get this package off to finally get away from you.

C: Fuck you.  He’s going to use more of you and we’ll see who gets the last laugh.

These bottles are huge and last over a year. You would think that they’d run out at the same time but you’d be wrong. I still have about a half bottle of conditioner since the shampoo ran out. Jordan says he bought this package as well and it would last him forever if only he used it but his girlfriend must pour mountains of it on her hand.

The shampoo is one of the good products you can buy from Sam’s because it doesn’t go bad. Other quality items are TP, paper towels, and cups. Anything that lasts forever is good.

Smores Suck

Smores Suck

Food from Sam’s is usually bad. It seems great to buy an enormous amount at a low price but it’s difficult to eat a huge helping of one item by yourself. It’s easy to get tired of it and then it just goes bad. The bread is $4 bucks for 2 loaves and I make 2 sandwiches in 2 weeks.  I’ve bought the granola pack before and can’t stand the smore’s or the low fat chocolate chunk which is sometimes a substitute.  Sell me 48 chocolate chip.