Pichu-love-pichu-fanclub-17083349-292-340Rnningfool.com is trying to evolve.  Not like a Pichu to Raichu evolution but a bit more subtle like Squirtle to Wartortle.  It’s apparent that my current site isn’t destined for greatness and that’s ok.  I’m sure you’re saying, “I’ve heard this before” and you’re right, I’ve gone in different directions over the years (who remembers itsucks.com and the comments from this memorable post).  If you weren’t aware though, THIS ISN’T EVEN MY FINAL FORM.

Fortunately though, as long as you keep coming to rnningfool.com, you’ll be aware of my future projects.

2nd Tier Human Profile

Charles Barkley said he was the toughest player he's ever played against.

Charles Barkley said he was the toughest player he’s ever played against.

This site is what I expect to create in the near term future.  To put it as simply as possible, the site will have entries that highlight a 2nd tier human being.  Kevin McHale from the Boston Celtics comes to mind as a great choice.  Everyone knows Bill Russell and Larry Bird but forgets about Kevin McHale (the glee actor comes up first in image searches…).  He’s an unbelievable basketball player that is a 1st tier person but maybe doesn’t get the respect from a universal appeal.  Dr Dre also comes to mind.  I could have a lot of fun with this.

Product Review

thumbsupdownThis idea struck me one night when I thought I had valid opinions on products and using them on a higher level than your average human being.  I find myself in a spot that is always far less than the best but far better than the average.  This puts me in a spot where I’m not spending PRO money on equipment but I need better than average gear.  Take running shoes for instance, I’ll spend $100 bucks on a pair of shoes as long as I know what I’m buying.  However, how many “runners” out there are running 6 minute pace and giving a true review of the shoe?  Each entry would be a post about a particular item and my specific thoughts on it and then at the end of the post I’d have a link selling it that I’d profit off of.  I’d like to review music as well.

The Challenge / Betting Blog

uncle-rico-pictureI still love the idea of a forum atmosphere where people challenge others to do ridiculous acts and other people bet on them.  I would need a crew of people who would take this seriously which I haven’t been able to make happen but I’m still pretty sure it has merit.  The potential to snowball is the heart of this idea.