I haven’t really been running much since the broad street run due to just taking some time off.  However, this is the first week I’ve been getting back into exercising regularly with good workouts.  After playing 3v3 bball on Sunday my back was killing me for some unexplained reason.  I used this excuse for why I wasn’t able to bowl well but as it turned out it actually made me better as I sported a 174 avg for 4 games.  Plus the bowling shoes gave me a heel spur which was a nagging pain.

Nevertheless I went up to the track on Tuesday and did a workout.  I ran a 2:32 800 to start, then a 75 400, then a 68, then a 69.  Then I did 6 minutes of constant stairs and then ran another 3 400’s at about 70 pace.  Yesterday I did a long 12 mile run at about 7 minute pace which I thought was pretty good considering it was my first long run since broad street.  I’m not really training for anything other than to get into dynamite shape.  Phil’s 5k is in July and I’ll be ready to own some high school speds who have lofty aspirations of taking me down.  Last year I time trialed myself in a 4, 8 and the mile.  I think I was about 58 seconds in the 4, 2:13 in the 8, and 5:01 in the mile.  I think I can take a couple of seconds off of each one of those times because I started training earlier in the season.

I’ll play some golf this weekend and possibly a shore trip even though I’m not really down for gambling because I’ve been blowing through cash like a wild man.  I paid for a new car, new car insurance and I’ll have to pay for the damages to my old car.  When that much cash goes from the account it’s never a good feeling.  I haven’t made a sports bet since march madness so thats a plus.  I haven’t played pokerstars in a couple of weeks either but I’m making it a point to get back into it to generate some supplemental income hopefully.  Tomorrow I’ll put a link on facebook which triples my usual visits so I’ll have to come up with a good post.  Look forward to tomorrow.