bill-hicks-its-all-about-money-not-freedom-you-think-youre-free-try-going-somewhere-without-moneyThe next couple posts will be New Orleans themed because I spent some time there and lived instead of worked.  Most people spend their life working and forget about living life.  Living life requires spending money and this constrains freedom.  Money = Freedom.

With that intro aside, I spent 4 days with 13 dudes for a bachelor party to send one of our brothers off to married land.  Of the 14 people who attended, a mere 2 were single.  At 31, being single is becoming a rarity.  When you get to be my age people begin to fear loneliness and I understand the sentiment.  A topic that I could probably share pages about, I’d rather focus on specifics of being away for 4 days with nothing to do but enjoy life and hang out with your friends.

What I Learned

  • Public-Speaking-headerI’m not much of a speaker in group settings.  The final night of the trip we had a dinner to recollect fond memories of the man of the hour, Ed McGrath.  We went around the table sharing stories.  For the life of me I couldn’t think of a good story to share.  This had to do with my inexperience of speaking in front of groups an also not being able to think of one.  My comfort level is far greater in groups up to 6 people where there is a more personal experience instead of entertaining a group.  There’s a part of me that says, don’t share something stupid, make it count…except it never came.
  • 1580bWork guilt doesn’t leave me.  I have a hard time feeling totally free from work.  I wrote a post about this a while back and didn’t get to experience it on this trip.  It has to do with having responsibilities and not attending to them.  I get constant emails about customers and projects that as hard as I try, I never seem to leave it.
  • ideal-job-venn-diagramMy job is a blessing.  I’ve always knew this but as Dom puts it, “you can’t get fired”.  I hear what others in the group do for a living and it’s a pretty solid group.  Everyone has a decent job and earns a living but none are fortunate to be born into a business of self-employment.
  • giphyI’m hyping up a story that I still can’t share but when I get drunk, money becomes an afterthought.  It’s like I become some prince from Saudi Arabia with all of the money in the universe to spend.  Money starts to become a number instead of a an actual resource.  More on this.
  • MFW-02-06-12The final, and most important, life lesson I learned is that as much as I know weekends like this will damage my existence, I’m glad I do it.  I could have stayed home this weekend and done the same old, same old but I would never remember it.  I’ll never forget this one.