Expand-my-brain-learning-juice-beer-score-addicaid-simpson-homerI took the weekend off from posting because I was out and about on Saturday and then didn’t feel tip top on Sunday.  I’ve noticed that my recovery time from even 1 night of drinking has gotten to be 2 days.  It’s absurd but the truth.

I ended last week with a few good posts (I particularly liked the Kobe post which I think was read by 4 people) and unfortunately couldn’t keep the momentum.  This post will also be disappointing and then I most likely won’t have any posts this week.  I’m traveling to Rhode Island for a trade show until Saturday.  This means I pretty much miss all of St Patty’s day which is a bummer but old men have old man responsibilities.

I’ll also be traveling to New Orleans again the week after starting on Wednesday.  This is an all pleasure trip though so I’m not complaining.  Blog entries though will suffer.  It’s  shame too because I thought I was hitting a stride where I was able to produce entries almost at will.  Alcohol always delays this process which sucks.

No real point to this post other than I won’t be posting much so don’t check back.