I’ve started reading Jobs. As the title implies, it’s about the life of Steve Jobs. I’m about 20% (this has replaced page #’s) of the way through and Steve’s pursuit of designing perfection is always apparent. I’ve written about perfection before so this isn’t groundbreaking by any means but worth re-visiting.


A common theme among the elite is perfection.  Perfection differs depending on the project and the person. Take this blog post.  If I say I only want to release it when I believe it’s perfect, will it ever be published?

perfectionNope. First of all, the idea for the post isn’t insanely great. If all I ever was trying to achieve was perfection, I’d have a total of 0 blog posts.  My skills do not allow me to achieve impeccable results. This is the issue with 97% of people roaming the earth.

steve-jobs-crazy-onesSteve Jobs was born different. He didn’t follow the rules and had a gift bestowed upon him that average people don’t have. Perfection is subjective but some people’s understanding of pure greatness varies.

Perfection is why Apple is the most valuable company in the world. As I finish the remaining 80% of the this book I may change these thoughts but what I’ve taken out of the beginning is attention to detail and perfection separate the elite from the great.