180185“Ici c’est Paris”.  At 2:45pm today I watched my first Champions league match ever.  PSG is one of the richest French team’s and Chelsea is atop the EPL standings.   The line was -115 for PSG to win and a draw gets the bet back.  Brookes liked PSG at home and that was enough for me.

The draw of the Champions league is that it’s supposedly the best teams in the world duking it out for the championship.  The round of 16 started today which is done in a format that I find fair.  Each team plays 2 games, one home and one away, and the goal differential separates ties.  This is fairer than a knockout round and limits upsets.  HOWEVER, this method favors the better teams and from what I can tell, there are about 7 teams that realistically have a shot to win and the other 9 are longshots.  The odds to win:

Bayern Munich
Real Madrid
Atletico Madrid
Manchester City
Paris Saint-Germain
Borussia Dortmund
Bayer Leverkusen
AS Monaco
Shakhtar Donetsk


henchozWith my bet on PSG, I was met with an early Chelsea goal in the 35th minute.  Halftime came and went and Cavani (a Brookes favorite) tied it at 1 on a sweet header.   The game ended 1-1.  It was the first time I got to watch Zlatan Ibrahimović who stands a mighty 6-5.  He doesn’t seem to move much but makes magic when he gets the ball.

Eden HazardI enjoyed the game completely dominated by PSG but unfortunately didn’t win or lose my bet.  I feel the “meh” feeling of a game that doesn’t end in a win or loss.  Hazard for Chelsea was fouled 9 times which is ridiculous.  The whole soccer fouling I’ll never understand.  The players take dives and the refs are blowing the whistles whether they see contact or not.   It’s weird.