I woke up at 7:30 am to watch Spurs play Arsenal.  Since I like to gamble and football is finished, soccer fits the bill.  Yes, I just used the word since.  To make life interesting I put $75 on Spurs to win $125.  The pick em’ and moneyline for soccer still confuse me if anyone wants to explain.


Harry Kane

Harry Kane is a player to watch.  The only goal (2) scorer on Spurs from the one game I’ve ever watched.  Spurs dominated the game and pulled off a 2-1 victory to move to 4 in the standings.   Harry Kane is in the right place at the right time.  Tremendous game today to win me $125 dollars.  He earned pride more valuable than money.

The key to take away from this game is that the underdog won.

If you can FIND the underdog, you can win a lot money.

So you must ask yourself, who do I root for?

I look to the Sixers as guidance.  Why would I root for them?  Because they can’t get any worse and it’s the floor of celebration?  Rooting for talented teams that win when they are not supposed to is the answer for sports.  Sixers are still years away from serious competition but Spurs could be the real deal.

Nerlens and MCW

Nerlens and MCW