scrubbingbubblescouponI had just cleaned my shower with Scrubbing Bubbles and a sponge.  I usually hate the sponge because after a single use it gets gross.  One of the worst feelings is touching a sponge and it lingering its bacteria all over your hands.  Anyway, the scrubbing bubbles residue was still in the shower so I figured I should shower.  I turned on the shower and felt a half poop coming on.  You never want to poop after the shower because “what’s the point?”

Now I had the shower running and was eliminating waste but the process was stuck at the midway point.  I couldn’t stand up and turn the shower off so I had to continue to waste water while people in India were drinking out of the dirty stream they all poop in.  Fortunately all was resolved and I washed up in my clean shower.


I keep my watch in the shower because after I run it gets clogged with sweat and stinks. You can see the sponge sitting in the corner and my shower products on the ground. I bought a shampoo and conditioner from Sam’s club and I’ve had them for a year and they are still half full.

I know this is fascinating.

I’m also back on the Photoshop train so expect more pictures.  Here’s an enhanced Ruby.