winter-snow-tree-blizzardThe weather is turning and the first major snowfall of the year is predicted for this afternoon.  I’m not a huge snow guy.  I find it more disrupting than enjoyable but to basically get through all of January without a storm isn’t too bad.

This weekend included Radio 104.5 Winter Jam.  I stayed in on Friday to be ready for Saturday.  I met with the Shee at around 11:30 am and then met Weens on the Subway.    Weens really wanted to see Andrew McMahon but he didn’t let anyone know this beforehand or else our planning would have been different. We heard “Cecilia and the Satellite” from the background stage while standing in line to Ween’s disappointment.

After missing Andrew McMahon we went in and ripped a few shots and downed a few beers to get hyped for the next band.  Walk the Moon was next and this is the footage I got.  I feel like such a tool filming so that explains the poor everything.

Strip Club WalletThe rest of the concert went by quickly. Jordan and I knifed through the crowd to get closer to Gaslight Anthem but it was nothing out of the ordinary. I awoke on my couch at about 12am which was a pleasant surprise.  This is what my wallet looked like.  Can anyone guess where I was between the hours of 6pm and 8pm?

t440x300A spur of the moment bowling trip was also lined up on Sunday with me and the Shee. We went to Facenda Whitaker and ran into Sam L. (not my brother Sam) and crew and we rolled 4 games. It was probably the first time I was bowling in a year and finished with a 675 4 game total for a 168 average. Shee rolled a 200+ game but didn’t win the pin count.

This is going to turn into a weekly event on Sunday’s.  I give Facenda lanes a solid A and would drive 30 minutes to get to real lanes when compared to the city.  The house balls are high quality and the price was only $12 bucks per person for 2 and a half hours.  If anyone is interested, let me know and I’ll let you know when we go.