I can only think of a few times in my life where I was in perfect harmony. I was in a place of total relaxation and the environment was the cause of the peace of mind. This rarely occurs because it can never happen when I’m working or have the thought of having to work. Also the place is important because it usually won’t happen within your routine.

Key West
keywestThis was 2 years ago when my friend, the Rock, and I drove to Key West. I remember waking up on a Saturday morning and heading to the hotel pool. I was lying on a raft in the middle of the pool starring up at the sun. It was a perfect 80 degrees and thought it was paradise. This was prior to getting on a motor scooter for the first time and gripping the accelerator blasting forward into a stop sign.

Roxborough High School Track
snowytrackFitting that another time happened on a track considering how many pointless miles have been run without going anywhere. Anyway, it was a snowy day and I decided to go for a run. I was living in Manayunk and the track was only 3/4 of a mile away. When I arrived there was no one on the track and the stadium lights were on. The track had a thin layer of snow and I can’t remember exactly what I did but I’m sure I ran some laps. When I was finished I laid down on my back and looked up at the sky. There was a light snow coming down and I laid there not hot or cold and just felt perfect.

Austrian Alps
TC in Austrian AlpsThis time was on a trip to Austria. I was scared to death to go skiing because I suck and the Alps aren’t a place to learn. At least that’s what I thought. Once I got going it wasn’t so bad and this picture was taken at the top of one of the mountains. It was a perfect day and I felt great being in an atmosphere that some people never get the opportunity to have. It makes me want to go back.