Laura posted this on her Facebook page and it’s a video about her eating disorder which is very brave and courageous at a vulnerable time. It makes me feel (once again always about me) tiny. I’m complaining about blog traffic when obviously people in my life have much more important issues.  You have my support Laura and I’ll try to help you anyway I can.


I’ve been watching Growing Pains and Tracey Gold (Carol on the show) has a situation happen to her that is remarkably similar to our real life family situation. She had gained a fair amount of weight in the show’s latter seasons and the writers wrote fat jokes into the script. With an insecure body image, she ended up with a real life eating disorder and slimmed down to a “skeletal” weight and had to leave the show.

Growing up, I was immature and would routinely insult Laura about her weight. Most likely, I’m the one responsible for Laura’s eating disorder. When you are young, it’s hard to imagine the long lasting damage you can cause with words.

traceygoldAs I’m watching Growing Pains, Mike is constantly insulting Carol and it reminds me of me. He doesn’t think twice about the effects of the insults.  I wonder how many other families are exposed to the nonchalance of name calling in a show and what impression it makes.

I can’t change the past and will always feel bad for Laura about what our upbringing brought about in her life long term.  It’s easy to get caught up in that “the world revolved around you mindset”.  When someone close to you has struggles that supersede everything else in your life, it helps put it into perspective how important blog traffic is.   Thank you for your bravery Laura.