sexedSam’s blog sent 29 people to this site which has to be an all-time record. As always when people start to actually come to your site, you need to deliver with fresh content. An elbow cyst is about as fresh as it gets.

The average adult attention span is 8 seconds. I read that first paragraph in 9. Shit. That means that I’ve already lost more than half of you. Hopefully the swinging image kept you here. If you have read this far, you’ll be delighted to see my elbow cyst.


What a cyst on an elbow looks like. It doesn’t hurt.


Cyst Questions To Ask?

  • First and foremost, why is this douchebag taking a selfie with his shirt off? It’s to get attention and more pageviews.
  • That’s pretty disgusting.  What’s wrong?  I had it x-rayed months ago when it didn’t look this bad and was told it was a cyst. I’m headed to the doctor soon to get it drained.
  • “Who zooms in on it like that?” I’ve been practicing Photoshop and always look for ways to do something different with a picture.  Just wait to see what I can do with liquify.

Now I just have to hope it’s not some malignant disease and this post wouldn’t be so funny.  Either way, at this point I’m fairly certain it’s nothing to worry about.  For the not feint of heart, this is what is going to happen to me.  Probably worse.