You don't know the 90's if you've never seen this station wagon.

You don’t know the 90’s if you’ve never seen this station wagon.

The 90’s were a simpler time.  Internet access only existed in Al Gore’s basement, social media was over a decade away, and kids were still going outside.  Here are childhood memories that I want to make sure I remember when I’m 75 years old and look back at this post and shake my head up and down like old people do when they remember the “better days”.

Writing in Cursive
Reasons not to use cursive:

  • It has the word curse in it
  • Harder to read
  • Longer to write
  • Pain in the ass

Cursive Handwriting

Pencil Sharpener
Do kid’s still know what this is? Back in the day your #2 Ticonderoga would get dull and need to be sharpened. Sticking a tiny pencil into the hole was always awesome to see how small the pencil could get and still be able to be used. Answer, very small.
Pencil Sharpener

Sierra Video Games
Leisure Suit Larry 6You buy Leisure Suit Larry 6 and it would ship with 14 1.44mb discs to install. The anticipation builds!

Sierra made 3 series that come to mind that I spent countless hours playing – Kings Quest, Police Quest, and Leisure Suit Larry. I can sum up the games quickly: you pick up items and try to use them on any and everything until they work. Plus Larry almost saw BOOBS!

The game below is Kings Quest 6 and my memories of watching Bill struggle through the game opens up after I watch it.

Number Munchers
Prime Numbers! FUCK!!!!!

I don’t even remember the level below.  This was the pinnacle of using a MAC.

Definitely never got this far and I still wouldn't beat this today.

Definitely never got this far and I still wouldn’t beat this today.


AOL & You’ve got mail
This dial up followed by the You Got Mail was done thousands of times. AOL would send out free hours and as a kid I totally didn’t understand what free meant. I would peruse the chat rooms looking to cyber by typing ASL to anyone who would respond. Then get on GIF mailing lists where they’d send pictures in large quantites to huge mailing lists. Also raising hell with HellRazer was awesome with punters and chat spams.  The glory days.

Swings may still be universal but I haven’t been to a playground in a decade. When I was a kid the swings were constantly being used. I’d jet once recess was called to make sure I would get one. The obvious activity to do on a swing was to jump off. Get as much speed as possible and vault off at the last second. Dangerous by today’s standard and why I have a feeling swings are not viewed as a recreation activity. Many bumps and bruises.