I’m not into writing this post right now. Mainly because I feel like a turd and my brain is working at half speed. What I’m going to write about is being good but not being the best.

  • On Wednesday of last week our basketball game lost in the “championship” game. I use that in quotes because there were only 4 teams in the league. Either way we lost.
  • On Saturday our football team lost in the championship. It was a close game but we were once again defeated.
  • This Sunday I made it to the championship game in two fantasy football leagues and I’ll have two more chances to take a crown.

As much as I like to think I’m above average at activities it’s all I’ll ever be. There are people who are bigger, faster, and smarter and that’s just they way it is.

This post seriously sucked. Like major suckage. Here are a few of my latest photoshop creations for a saving grace.