Kerwynn WilliamsKerwynn Williams. Tre Mason. The Ram’s D. All were in play on a boring Thursday night. Unless you had money on last night’s game, there would be no reason to watch it if it weren’t for fantasy football. Fantasy injects life into boring games and it was still boring. You may ask why I had to play Kerwynn? Fat Eddie is down, Shoelace was my other RB, I had to pick up CJ2K, and couldn’t afford to miss on Kerwynn if Fat Eddie doesn’t go. Recipe for Kerwynn.

Adam and I headed to the Xfinity center to pick up some tickets for the Radio 104.5 Winter Jam because they were giving them out. We arrived at the start of the football game and the drawing began at 9:30. In the meantime there were bands playing and it’s hard to say how much time they deserved. This is what it looked like.

If you wouldn’t be a good cover band, there’s no chance your original material is going to be well received. It’s a pretty standard thought that I think most upcoming bands misunderstand. Bands don’t want to be cover bands. The problem is though that unless your original material is lights out, no one knows what you are playing. The audience can’t get into your music. So if you wouldn’t do well covering already established, good, songs, you won’t do well with original material.

We filled out the slips and waited. Adam’s named was called at 10:30 and he received a pair of tickets. There were about 300 people who entered and we had no idea if I was going to get called or not so we left. As soon as I arrived home, my phone went off and said I got the tickets. I drove back and by the time I got there, they had packed up and given out the tickets. Oh well.

TC HaircutYesterday was also a big day because I got a hair cut. Bud, can you guess what barber made me look like this?