I’ve been back to learning Photoshop and I’ve paid some money for a subscription to Lynda.com to further my skills.  I still have a few more hours of basic understanding left but I’m coming along.  Here are a few of my latest works.  Realize the hardest part about Photoshop is creating.  Part one is knowing how to use it and part two is being creative enough to come up with pictures to mess with.  Don’t judge me.

My Signature – I was somewhat surprised it didn’t vary much from when I write it in pen.



Emma Watson With a Banana – This was a lesson on blend modes. They use pictures that are of the sky and gardens and I put banana’s in Emma Watson’s mouth.
Emma Watson with a Banana

3x Sam – I was actually fairly profecient in doing this previously but I got a bit better at refining the edge and placement. I did this in about 2 minutes and could still have improved it but I thought it was pretty funny. I was actually going to make a post on if there were a million of you in the world with this picture as my visual but didn’t see that going many places.

Their House vs Mine – I was following along the lesson without realizing the teacher was building a house. Mine didn’t come out exactly right but it would very difficult to break into.