He takes pictures of rocks.  Tell me this guy isn't next level shit?

He takes pictures of rocks. Tell me this guy isn’t next level shit?

So Gourlay has been way off track lately.  He’s posting about bands on Sunday’s and concerts on Thursday’s when the essence of consistency is Tune Time Tuesday.  Since his blog is sending exactly 0 people to my site, I figure I need to appeal to the good side of an upcoming blogging extraordinaire.  It may not happen in his lifetime, but I support the Goodies.  Don’t worry Sam, I support you too but aside from the questionable drive from Gourlay, he has the most writing potential.

siriusplayerIt’s 10pm right now.  The Smiths are playing on my Sirius player which I’ve been using more than Spotify because I prefer listening to songs I’m not as familiar with and this radio is far superior to Spotify.  The song before was a deep Asia song called Don’t Cry which is an above average song.  Asia is a “super” group formed from the bassist/vocalist of Roxy Music, guitarist and keyboardist of Yes, and drummer from  Emerson, Lakes and Palmer if you didn’t know.  I know it’s small but the box above the Smiths song is Alex Chilton by the Replacements playing on the Spectrum which I also enjoy.  In the coming days I’m going to make a post about my top 5 favorite New Wave bands and I’ll be the only person who will appreciate it.  I hope that is enough info to warrant a Tune Time.

Treadmill RacingI went to the gym earlier and ran 3 miles in 18 minutes which is getting lower each day.  My winter time exercise turns into more gym time and less miles than summer where I’ll strictly run outdoors.  I get stronger in my arms and my speed builds but I sacrifice endurance.  I notice a little knee tweak on the treadmill which put me out for months a year ago but I should be ok for the remainder of basketball and football.

unnamedI feel good but my eating schedule is completely thrown off.  Today we had a visitor that arrived late and I didn’t eat lunch until after 2.  Then I get home and tried to implement a new theme to the blog and it turned out to be a disaster.  For $40 dollars you’d think the transition would be seamless but its been problematic to the point that I have to keep the current theme until I work out the kinks.  I also started up German and Photoshop skills which are much easier after I’ve already grasped the basics.   Back to eating, I tried to eat dinner after I got done working out but I wasn’t hungry and ate a small portion.  Now I could eat but I’m not trying to go to bed on a full stomach.  Kids in Ethiopia would dream of this situation.