I’m a believer that 3d printing will revolutionize commerce. I know very little aside from the broad concept of printing whatever object you would like. Obviously you are limited by the material of which the printer can print but over time this will continue to develop. I know 3d printers have been sold recently but this is the first time I’ve seen it in a big box store.


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These things are not actually that great. Bought 2 desktops and 1 z18 and all 3 jammed within a week of each other. Sure the extruder (part where plastic is melted and forced through) is replaceable but the replacements just jammed up just as fast and they never responded to my emails. Went with an Ultimaker 2 and it is amazing. If you want to get an actual good 3d printer, get an Ultimaker. Makerbot may have quantity, but they lack in quality.

3d Printed Running Shoes

3d Printed Running Shoes

I don’t think a comment like this is surprising as the product will continue to be developed over the years. The top 2 companies involved in these deals are Stratasys (SSYS) and 3d Systems (DDD). Impossible to predict from my position but Jim Cramer has recommended SSYS over DDD in the past and I believe we are at the beginning of the potential for 3d printers.

If I had to predict what will happen, the cost to produce the objects the printers print will be far too high to make it worthwhile. As technology advances and the costs come down AND more objects becomes available for print, this will begin gaining acceptance. Tell me this website isn’t cool with all the 3d printable options.