KOP Shopping

I value clothes differently at 31 than I did at 18. When I was in high school I used to like the brand Aeropostale. I had made up in my mind that Aeropostale was good for me and Abercrombie and Fitch was for queers.   There was no reason behind this conclusion and was completely irrational.  However, this is not uncommon when shopping for clothes.

hugobossYou choose what clothes you want to wear and associate a brand that works for you. I used to wear Nautica shirts (which I wouldn’t consider touching today), then switched to Polo (which I’m also tired of because everyone else wears it), then I wore some Calvin Klein (which I still like) but if I had all the money in the world I would wear Hugo Boss. Now it’s hard to justify paying $175 dollars for a zip up sweat shirt but it looks damn nice. This had me thinking that branding is critical to success in the fashion world.

I would never buy something from a brand I’ve never heard of before. It’s a strange thought but this is how my mind operates. If I don’t know what it is, I don’t want it.  I also tend to like the nicest items so I assign a greater value on something that is higher priced.  Once again, probably irrational, but true for me.


KOP Observations

Yesterday I was in the King of Prussia mall mainly wandering but also paying attention to stores and how they were branding themselves.  Although I discussed clothing above, I took some shots of many stores and my thoughts on whether I would purchase from them. Here are my observations.

Apple Store – That is a line forming outside waiting for assistance.  This was 15 minutes after open.  Study the Apple formula hard because it is what works.  Clean and open store, many sales associates, and obviously a good product.

The most popular store in the mall.

The most popular store in the mall.


Tesla – Directly next to the Apple store which is prime location.  I couldn’t take a head on shot because the lady was looking right at me and I felt awkward.  This was a beautiful set up though for a store and a company valued at 31 billion dollars.  Clean with an awesome car looking at you.


Electric Cars are so hot right now.


Smart Toys – This was a horrible name for a store and a horrible sign to boot.  Nobody wants a smart toy.  They want fun toys.  Out of business before season’s end.

Dumb store idea

Dumb store idea


Marbles – Would you rather buy from Smart Toys or Marbles?  Smart Toys looks like an old KBToys filled with worthless shit and Marbles looks like a nice store that will enhance your brain.  The Smart Toys owner should be taking notes.

A much smarter name than smart toys

Smart logo.


The Walking Company – Great name.  I know exactly what they sell and what it is for.  This company specializes in walking.   Period.


Do they sell sticks?


Teavana – Is this a play on Nirvana?  I don’t get it.  Neither does anyone else and why there are no customers.  I bet it is closed in 1 year.


Front for the mob.


Dean and Fashion – Who is Dean and why would I trust his fashion sense? I wouldn’t shop here.  Also note that shitty $99.99 clearance sign that does more damage than good.  Why wouldn’t they just say it’s a sale?

Dean and Fashion

Fuck Dean.


Crew Cuts –  If this isn’t a barber shop, it’s misleading.


How can you give a crew cut to the mannequin in the middle?


Zumiez – I’m not buying anything from a place I can’t pronounce.  It’s also way to busy.  By the time you read it you’re dead.


Some skate shop with 1783512 likes.


Just for my reference I also took a picture of what is “hot” nowadays. Taylor Swift, Hunger Games, Walking Dead, One Direction, Big Bang Theory,  and the Biebs.


Easily the funniest sign I saw all day. Tell me I’m missing something here.  Why would I watch batteries being installed?
Watch Batteries