tcA lightning bolt must have struck me right in the forehead and it electrified a light bulb right above my head because it just lit up. I’m not deleting that last line because that’s what I came up with when trying to explain how a light bulb went off in my brain. If that’s not telling I can’t explain it better. Or worse.

You can also tell I quit pretty easily and don’t give a fuck about quality. I took that picture from images and loaded it in PhotoShop, grabbed a terrible picture of my head, contorted in every direction so it was completely mismatched, then I said I don’t give a fuck about how it looks my audience doesn’t either. This should demonstrate my commitment to quality.

Because+fuck+you+that+s+why_e8d2c8_3062569It’s fairly obvious that after 5+ years of doing this, I’m not that talented as a writer. Sure I scrape by but if this was my full time job, I’d be alongside the one legged man on 8th and 76 intersection begging for pennies. I make little effort of improving which is the worst part about it because I actually do make effort to improve aside from taking an English class and being that old dude learning to write for his blog which has an annual revenue of 0. It’s like, “dude, blog’s about your shitty life have no relevance or educational value to society so be happy no one tells you to shut it down.” That’s what Mr. Wonderful would say.

What’s worse is that I find myself right-click saving any gif or pic of interest just to make it look like I’m still here. I’ll go to Reddit with the pure intention of finding the first clip that I think other people might enjoy. It’s fine but there is no emotion behind it. This blog was always fun for me but I’m starting to suck at it.

This could only be a phase but I wanted to check in and say I’m still here and will find some inspiration somewhere but it could take some time before these ideas have resonated (I hate this word by the way) within me.