meatball-sandwich-03Yesterday evening after eating a 10″ classic meatball hoagie, drinking two for $3 dollar Blue Glacier Gatorades, a 20 oz coffee, and a bag of Honey BBQ Fritos from Wawa, I was back to normal.  This was a solid 3 days after my last drink at around 4:30pm on Sunday.  As unbelievable as that sounds, I swear it’s true.

I would guess that I consumed 20 high ABV beers and a half a fifth of bourbon over the entire weekend.  For 3 straight days I experienced symptoms of dehydration.  Every time I drank a bottle of water, I took a piss.  My mouth was completely dry.  I tried licking envelopes and everyone would pop back up after trying to seal them.  I felt like a student in a remedial class when I tried to use my brain.  Instead of being a Ferrari going 150mph, I was my mom’s 1985 brown station wagon which maxed out at 55mph and it wasn’t easy to get there.  My hand eye coordination was awful and my backspace count was through the roof.  3 days later, I’m back.

top-five-get-smarter-1When I sat down to write yesterday, I fired off 3 blog posts in a matter of 2 hours.  None of them were planned and I shot from the hip.  I’m not saying they were my best entries but they came easy.  When I’m in the period I described above, I can barely watch television let alone produce anything of quality.  The best part about the mentioned period of time is that I know it will end.  When I was younger I may have been able to sleep it off but my older body doesn’t respond the same way.

alcoholicI’m sure if you reviewed by blog over the years you would find numerous entries similar to this one but I feel it’s important to comment on my state of mind because this blog acts as a mental output for me.  The obvious question to ask is why do you put yourself through this and the answer is fairly simple, it’s not my intention.  Once a certain amount of alcohol hits the bloodstream, the situation snowballs.

Hopefully in 50 years when this blog becomes a national phenomena, people will look at this post and get some better insight into the effects of alcohol on a 30 year old binge drinking alcoholic.  Just doing my part.