GrapesIt’s 10:56 on a Thursday night and I’m sitting in a multi-million dollar beach house in Avalon, NJ typing away this blog entry.  I ate 13 green grapes that made my upper left molars hurt because I must have a cavity that Dr. Paul recently (unsuccessfully) filled.  I even googled “molar” to make sure I was identifying the spot properly.

I’m leaving Avalon early tomorrow morning to go to work for the day and get my life back in order after 6 days of no responsibilities.   I didn’t drink much all weekend aside from Saturday which was the night of the wedding.  I went for runs almost every day, ate well, and feel good.  It’s cliche but I feel “refreshed”.

Neither Laura or I brought contact solution and we relied on Sam (who brought a thimble’s worth) and my eyes are blurry and I have to decide whether to sleep in them a second night in a row.  I’m leaning towards yes.

feelingGood2I get a feeling of emptiness when the vacation comes to an end.  Anticipation builds, you live the vacation, and then it’s over.  I remember thinking on Monday how awesome it was to have this time to relax and now I sit here on Thursday night blogging about a relatively uneventful vacation.  This is either maturing or redefining fun.

I didn’t wake up with hangovers.  I had time to read.  I did crossword puzzles.  I did Sudoku.  I studied some German.  I spent time with family.  Nothing extravagant.

Now I have the urge to go back to work and make money.  My life is tight when my work is right.  I just made that up but after I wrote it, I felt like I should bold it.  There’s only so much relaxing I can do.  I did not think about work aside from a few thoughts so I’m pretty happy with coming back clear.

To sum up everything, I’m sad vacation is over.  I’m happy to go back to work.  Go figure.