blogtrafficToday over 1,000 people visited this blog. This is a lot of people by normal standards. Obviously the links to naked celebrities is fueling this fire. Blogging about a high schooler giving a blow job in front of her friends and posting to Instagram didn’t hurt. HOWEVER, I had feelings of remorse and guilt as I had a lot of car time today.

I drove to Fredericksburg, VA today to do a tool demo and it is about 3 and a half hours away. After I got my ready in the morning, all my brain get coming back to was how stupid it was to write about a matter that essentially involves child porn. I thought about the Gov’t watching the websites I go to and basically monitoring my every move. I was paranoid to say the least. All of this reverted back to blog traffic which I’m inevitably getting and it’s what I always wanted. I never thought I cared about how I got it but now I’m having a second thought…

Free_SpeechJust kidding. I’m ecstatic. This much traffic guaranteed could lead to cha-ching cha-ching. I’ve finally learned that the only way to get traffic is posting about topics people know they shouldn’t post about. It would impact my work negatively if I were to get arrested for an absurdity like a blog post but the chances are slim to none as long as I stay within certain parameters that I have no idea what they are. Freedom of speech, right?

Here’s a picture of Rihanna kissing a girl.  Traffic.  Traffic.  Traffic.

I also read up on what it takes to get in trouble for posting leaked pictures and it’s almost impossible to.  First off, this blog makes 0 dollars so there is nothing to sue for.  I’m also fairly certain that linking another site to it and me not hosting makes it not my wrongdoing.