I’ve watched 2 movies that I actually enjoyed. Considering I don’t think I’ve been to the movie theater since Superbad, I pretty much just bottom feed the on demand like a prawn. If you understand that reference you can probably guess that one of the movies I recently watched was district 9. As much as I find these alien movies kind of off the wall, I was pretty intrigued the whole way through. My only question was that if the aliens had all this amazing technology, why weren’t they using it? I’ll assume the answer is because the humans wouldn’t let them? The ending was also a bit peculiar but all in all I was entertained by the movie even though I don’t think the story was spectacular. I also watched Fargo which was very entertaining. I sometimes just scan the old demand looking for movies that I’ve heard were good but never got a chance to see and this was one. The info on it had it labeled as an uproariously funny comedy but I think someone either got confused or was pulling a fast one. It was entertaining throughout though and I would recommend it. They had two actors who were married and they way they acted together made me think that “that is how a marriage is supposed to be.” They were actually nice to each other and legitimately liked one another which is far too uncommon nowadays. It’s really slim pickings on demand though and I’m going to have to start finding new means of entertainment.

I just want to throw a couple random thoughts out there. I don’t really understand the concept of walking for exercise. Now obviously it’s better than doing nothing but I know that when I walk a golf course I don’t really think of it as exercise. I guess I just think people should put forth some effort when they are exercising or else it’s … not.

Pooping in Port-a-potties has to be one of the grossest things out there. I can’t bring myself to do so. It stinks to high hell and the fact that other peoples feces are sitting directly beneath me grosses me out. I would hold it in 99% of the situations where I would ever have to shit in a portapotty. I will however take a piss if there are a ton of people around and I couldn’t find somewhere to go outside.