As I mature, I realize there are only 2 important things in life: Death and Boobs



death_everyoneThe ultimate consequence.  An incredible uncertainty.  Nothing.

After reading A Fault in Our Stars, I was struck by how death can strike some people faster than others.  A 15 year old diagnosed with cancer is lucky to live to 30.  Their life is barely even a life and there’s nothing they can do about it.  Eric the Actor from the Howard Stern show passed away at 39 on Saturday.  He was dealt a hand in life which left him 4ft tall and confined to a wheel chair.  He was fine on Friday and died on Saturday.  Who knows what’s next.

That’s why I’m laughing at myself for staying in this weekend, doing virtually nothing but reading and watching movies, to participate in a meaningless race.  What did I do today?  I went to work and then came home, ate dinner, and read / watched TV.  The fuck.  What the hell am I doing?  I’m making money to survive but my life is meaningless.  When you start to big picture life, life sucks.  It’s fine to act like it doesn’t and think everything is peaches and cream, and for 1% of the population it probably is, but what about everyone else?  This is a harsh reality.



Davon-Magwood-FappeningThe fappening part 2 (this is a NSFW link) is hitting hard and these pictures of celebrities blow me away.  First of all, why is Hope Solo taking a naked selfie of her hairy snatch (That link will lead you there but you will not want to go)?  That was the most horrifying thing I’ve seen in a while but the rest of these pictures reveal one thing, female celebrities are celebrities because they have great boobs.  Lake Bell.  Jennifer Lawrence.  Kaley Cuoco.  Kate Upton.  Emily Ratajowski,  Kim Kardashian.  There is one trait they all have in common, a great rack.

It’s a real fucked up society for beautiful females.  Society basically says, “if you have huge tits, you’ll be treated better.”  This is a little unfair to the following people: girls who weren’t gifted boobs, girls who refuse to alter their body for plastic boobs, girls who want to make it on their own accord without the assistance of boobs.  Also taking pictures of yourself in the mirror is only an issue if you have nice breasts apparently.  I could probably take a picture of my penis but I think phone’s only have about 10x zoom so I doubt anyone would see it.